Saturday, May 9, 2009

From TwitterBerry - Is Ivan Basso A True Hero?

ivanbasso go to sleep.. Tomorrow start the giro!! Im happy..

No matter what happens with Ivan Basso in the in the next three weeks all I can say is that I am a fan. Someone who admits to their doping and takes the two-year ban, but yet trains everyday like they have a mission says something. We all make mistakes! Do we deserve a second chance in life? I say yes....why? Are YOU perfect?! Nobody is, and we all deserve that seconded shot in life. If you do, then make the most of it, and that is just what Ivan has done.

He could have sat around and felt sorry for himself, but no. He trained hard for two years for this very day. He never made an excuse for his actions he just took his two-year ban and moved on in life. He stayed true to who he is...a family man, who loves his kids, and wife.

If you are perfect in life and are reading this, then you must think I'm nuts! If you have made errors in your life, then cheer for Ivan. We all screw up in life, but its those who take that seconded chance and make something of it. With Ivan showing up in a Venice to take on the World knowing he has let down many of his fans two years ago tells me he is ready to make peace with his doubters and say I’m back. Not for the press and fans, but for him, his family and those who loved and supported him throughout his two year ban.

Best of luck to Ivan, and all the amazing athletes in this years Giro.

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