Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recovox Athlete - Vince Rosetta Becomes An Ironman

It took 8 months, but finally I heard Mike Rilley say the magical words "Vince Rosetta, you are an Ironman". I have to say that Ironman Arizona was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I had a back problem that really effected my run so my time wasn't as good as I wanted (12:51:14), but I can honestly say that I left everything on the course. I take more pride in that fact. When faced with adversity I kept moving forward. Everybody I talked too said to remain open for changes you can't expect. Adapting to the Ironman obstacles is as important as training for the 3 disciplines. I thought I knew what that meant, but didn't know for sure until the race.

All of my training was to finish the Ironman, I now have a new motivation for training, to improve my performance. Recovox really helped me recover from this race. I felt great on Monday morning and didn't have any pain on my first run post Arizona.

Vince Rosetta

For more information on Vince please visit www.vincerosetta.com

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